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mele pcgo3 - kezzagrace - 04-22-2015

first of all hi to all members. I have one question regarding my mele mini pc, I have installed kodi 14.2 but when I play anything it seems very dark, is anybody else having this problem ?
I have checked all display options, and graphics settings but all to no avail Sad
any help would be appreciated Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea
cheers kezza

RE: mele pcgo3 - Eric Morentin - 04-30-2015

Hi, Kezza

Would you mind trying if Kodi 14.1 works fine? We tested a lot on Kodi 14.1
As for the issue you came across on Kodi 14.2, we have reported to technical team for duplication and verification.

Keep you informed.