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USB booting problem - mdodig - 01-30-2016

Dear all,

I have PCG03 with Windows 8.
When make bootable USB with "Microsoft media creation tool" to do clean upgrade to Windows 10 it wont start system from USB.
Tried also with Rufus tool, and it is not working.
It works when format USB and copy files from Mele zip with Windows 8 install files to USB. Then I can boot from USB.
It also works when USB is formated (FAT32) and Windows 10 install files are copied to USB drive. I managed to do clean install.
But now I need to boot Linux, and I cannot boot it from USB...
Tried lakka distro from USB and SD card, no go. When same USB connect to regular PC I can boot it and make install.

I hope it has to do with some settings in BIOS, but dont know wich one?
Please help!

RE: USB booting problem - Eric Morentin - 02-03-2016


If you bought PCG03 (32GB) with Windows 8.1 with Bing, then you upgraded it to Windows 10 Home.
Now, if you want to get PCG03 back to Windows 8.1 with Bing, you may have two options:

1. To recover:
- Please refer to this FAQ to find "How to recovery"

2. To re-install:
- Please refer to this FAQ to find "How to install"
- Please download full package for Windows 8.1 with Bing from this page: Windows 8.1 OS for MeLE PCG03 (32GB)

RE: USB booting problem - mdodig - 02-03-2016

Dear sir,

thank you for reply.
I want to install Linux, and all problems are related to boot Linux install media (Windows install works).

RE: USB booting problem - Eric Morentin - 02-03-2016

Dear Customer

The thing is we only shipped mini PC with genuine Windows 8.1 with bing or Windows 10 Home.
If you need to re-install, you may only install the link we provided instead of downloading from others.

As for Linux, technically this Intel chipset supports it. But we are not obliged to support drivers or any problems related to that as we paid genuine license on mini PC for Windows and we only make sure it works with the Windows we pre-installed.