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Mele M11D02 - derwoodbones - 12-19-2016

I realize this it not the place to post about the Mele M11D02 but you offer no options for it in the forum, I am a tester for KdLinks, I have been in touch with a Julie Tan ( ) It takes weeks to get a response from her and she is less than helpful, Julie sent me updated firmware for this unit which bricked the box I believe, Here is the link to the firmware she sent me.!ldoSiDLb!vHcgCLse6BmoKokEULZTSxuSFIDAn4gdMclMa-dcMJQ

After trying to install this firmware I receive an error saying it is looking for an OTA .zip file, Could you please send me a fix for this issue ?  Either a method to remedy this problem and install the .img or a firmware in .zip format, I dont care how you do it but I will be damned if Mele support has not been the worst I have ever seen, Do you guys even care at all about your customers ?