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MeLE PCG35 GLK: How to re-install Windows OS
For installing Windows 10 image on PCG35 GLK.
Please download from link: PCG35 GLK Win10 Pro Image

The latest Windows 10 Pro image for PCG35 GLK is,
A. Quieter2_PCG02-GLE_PCG02-GLK_PCG35 GLK-Win10_Pro_20H2_X64_9language_US_20210524
Include 9 language packages, 
English(United States),Spanish,French,Arabic,Japanese,Korean,Hebrew,Chinese(Simplified),Chinese​(Traditional).

B. Quieter2_PCG02-GLE_PCG02-GLK_PCG35 GLK-Win10_Pro_20H2_X64_11language_EU_20210525
Include 11 language packages,
English(United States),English(United Kingdom),Spanish,French,Russian,German,Portuguese,Dutch,Polish,Swedish,Italian.

The main changes are,
Add Windows 10 Pro packages.
Improve the HDMI compatibility of Mini PC when used on 4K Monitor/TV.
Update drivers to solve the BSOD problem on some 4K TV.

Install Steps:
1. Prepare a USB flash disk with NTFS file system.
2. Decompression the Quieter2_PCG02-GLE_PCG02-GLK_PCG35
3. Copy all the files in Quieter2_PCG02-GLE_PCG02-GLK_PCG35 GLK-Win10_Pro_20H2_X64_9language_US_20210524 to the root the direction of your USB flash disk.
4. Plug the USB flash disk into Mini PC, and connect a keyboard.
5. Press the power button and press F7 or Delete continuously to enter into boot menu. Select your USB flash disk to re-install Windows OS. There is no need to install drive separately with the install img provided by us.
6. Mini PC will shutdown while the install process finished. Plug out the USB flash disk, then press power button to power on your Mini PC.

Tutorial Video on YouTube: Re-install Windows OS on MeLE Mini PC
Best Regards
MeLE Service Team

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