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BIOS settings for booting USB Linux Live CD
(11-20-2017, 03:11 PM)fxfxfx Wrote:  I cannot get my PGC03 Apo (BIOS 1.0.0 - first batch (xxx128) to boot from USB. The USB Live CD works fine on other Apollo and Kaby Lake computers. My PCG03 Apo works just fine. It's not defect. I just can't seem to use the right BIOS settings for allowing it to boot Linux Live CDs. I have tried Ubuntu, CloneZilla and similar USB Live CDs, which all work on similar PCs (Apollo and Kaby Lake).

I know that some of Mele's business customers have succeeded in installinmg Linux on our PCG03 Apo, so I would like to know the necessary BIOS settings for booting a Linux Live CD from USB. Thanks.

I DO NOT need instructions on how to install Windows or any operating system as such. I need the actual BIOS settings required to boot a USB Linux Live CD. Thanks again.

Hi, Customer

You may refer to this post on this website, it install Ubuntu without any problem:
Best Regards
MeLE Service Team

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