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Problem getting into bios screen

The instructions provided to enter the PCG03 Bios do not work on my PCG03 Box
e.g. power on and F7 or escape key method.

After numerous attempts using wired, wireless and bluetooth keyboards, I have tried all USB ports with no other devices plugged in. Sad

Is there a way to reset the Bios like you would on a PC using jumper pins ?

If not could you please provide me with the ability to re-flash the bios and restore it.

P.S. The USB ports function fine when win 8.1 boots up.

Thank you.

The Mele PCG03 is a great little box. Android boxes watch out !! Cool
That is cool if you think MeLE PCG03 is great box!
Hi, daveydguk

As for reinstall Windows, pls check it here
As for drivers for Windows, pls chec it here
Best Regards
MeLE Service Team

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