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Wake up system by keyboard?
I just purchased a Mele F10 Deluxe Air Mouse and I do like it.
I use it to control an HTPC running Kodi (a.k.a. XBMC) on Windows 8.1.
Everything works just fine. The power button on the top left puts the system into hibernation as desired.
No key, however, wakes the HTPC up from hibernation.
Another USB keyboard is able to wake the HTPC up if any key is pressed. So the system is configured correctly.
The Mele keyboard is allowed to wake up Windows in the device settings, but it does not do this.

1) Does the Mele USB driver support wake-up from standby or hibernation?
2) Can I download an updated driver from somewhere that adds this function?
3) Does the development of Mele read this forum and is there a chance that this function is added if missing?

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