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X1000 4K Firmware V1.0.3 USB Upgrade
Dear All,

Here is the download link of V1.0.3: X1000 4K Firmware for USB Upgrade_V1.0.3
Please follow steps as below to upgrade:
> Copy the intall.img to the root of a USB key / stick, insert the USB key / stick to X1000 4K's USB3.0 host port.
> Press power button on X1000 4K and connect the power supply to X1000 4K, hold on the power button for about 5 seconds until you see the led of your USB Key flashing and the progressing icon on the TV screen which means the upgrade just started. Normally it takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete the upgrade.

OTA for V1.0.2-V1.0.3 is not ready now, please use USB upgrade.

Change list:
1.Fix: No sound during playing RMVB with RealAudio.
2.Fix: Movie aspect ratio not displaying correctly. (Set Fit as default.)
3.Fix: Playback error of BDMV folder in SAMBA Server.(Some BDMV folder can't be played in V1.0.2)
4.Fix: Green screen/stumble  issue of media playback after exit HDMI IN.
5.Fix: No sound during playing mp3/wma/flac/ape/ogg when passthrough enabled.
6. Enable 1080p 24Hz
7. Detect frame rate of movie automatically.
      The output mode will be set to  1080p 50Hz when play a 1080p file with 25fps or 50fps.
      The output mode will be set to  1080p 60Hz when play a 1080p file with 30fps or 60fps.
      The output mode will be set to  1080p 24Hz when play a 1080p file with 23.976fps.
8. Improve subtitle support. Support France, German,Czech,Spanish,Finnish,Romanian,Greek,Vietnam,GBK,BIG-5...
      But Hebrew/Arabic/Thailand subtitle still not supported now.we will fixed it in future firmware.
9. Update movie center to improve the accuracy of movie poster.
10.Update Kodi.
      Support hardware decoding of BD ISO/BDMV folder in local disk.Use RTK-Player automatically during local movie playback.
      This Kodi still can't support hardware decoding of BD ISO/BDMV Folder in SAMBA Server.
      Go to Kodi->Programs->Programs Add-ons->Region Add-ons Installer,you can install common Add-ons of different region.
Best Regards
MeLE Service Team
Well, so far from this that saw:
1. the 3D didn't correct, the same terrible medley at dynamics, with unclear gloss
2. The panel an aero mouse - ceased to work with Enter as it is necessary
3. The autoframe it seems appeared, but the constant request for confirmation bothers, especially when in settings already costs Auto, why to offer confirmation.
4. Why uTorrent became suddenly incompatible?
In the section test updating is availability 1.0.4 - I ask to give the password on an insertion in personal mail
Angry You mock users?
Not all important mistakes are corrected! Applications from Google are not installed. "The device is not supported"
If you can not make the firmware, give us the opportunity to use a third-party firmware.  Angry  Angry  Angry

How to go back to 1.0.2?
The question is removed, I returned to firmware 1.0.2, reformatting the flash drive to fat32
Please do not make any more firmware. Give us the opportunity to use the firmware EWEAT EW902 / M-195
Members EWEAT EW902 / M-195 for a long time watching 3D. I, for viewing 3D has to be connected to a TV Dune HD-303D
(05-30-2015, 06:23 PM)Assembler2000 Wrote:  Applications from Google are not installed. "The device is not supported"
I confirm, in Play Google the majority of appendices became incompatible!!! Though if it is simple to download apk of these appendices, everything normally works.
By the way, still there is a problem in RTK-player, crumbles unclear why, tried to start 3DBD.iso, at the beginning of a preview, the appendix hangs, only reset of the device helps.

P.S. The application is started, for example uTorrent Pro, but at addition of a torrent downloading having only begun, at once interrupts, the file isn't found!!!
Here is Beta firmware for USB upgrade only.
OTA firmware will be release later.

Thanks and Best regards.
MeLE Service Team
This mockery at buyers, but not correction of problems with your player
I can not delete files. What is the problem ???
It is interesting how you check firmware before to lay out it, and whether you check in general?
What for firmware 1.0.4 in beta-section?
Give the password!!!
Dear Jolin,

Why you are not corrected 3D problems as it is the one of the most special announcement in the seller page for this devise... please reply.


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