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problems after last update mele x1000
bought a mele x1000 few weeks ago, and after the last update my wifi dissapeard, and it wont let me turn it back on, ethernet works fine but cant find any wifi, it also happen it freezes sometime and i have to restart the mediaplayer..

also, installed the netflix app, but all sound i get is 2.0 pcm sound and no option on the app to change it to 5.1 dd, doesnt the mediaplayer support that sound on netflix????
if i play other movies on it, the surroundsound works but not on netflix, why???
i can live without the wifi, but does somebody have an answer on the sound issues

this could be a good player but seems to have alot of issues to work as it should
According to netflix support, The mele player aint compatible with netflix, so hopefully it Will get sorted out,and netflix hopefully will email mele about it,works fine over ps4 so definatly The player issues
Nothing chansen,seems like The support aint that good either, cant recommend to buy it

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