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HDMI Sound problem
Hi, I have a PCG03U and I have regularly problems with HDMI sound.

If I:

  1. boot PCG03U before my TV,
  2. switch off/on the TV when PCG03U is running,
  3. PCG03U boots more rapidly than my TV,

PCG03 HDMI sound card doesn't appear in the sound configuration list, or sometimes it is dropped from sound devices.

So I need reboot PCG03U and configures it again with HDMI sound card as default.

How can I solve it? It is a system malfunction because sound card wouldn't be misconfigured although the TV on/off.

What happens if you disconnect HDMI cable and connect it again?

I think, it is possible that Ubuntu will detect HDMI sound card again...

Another option would be to go into a terminal and enter:
pulseaudio -D

This will restart PulseAudio sound server. If that is working, you can create a simple script, which restarts PulseAudio a few seconds after Ubuntu boots up...

it seems things are now working much more easily:
So, is it possible to install newer system operative version? New Ubuntu, Mint or Debian.

I'd like to install Debian but I had problem with sound. And I upgraded Ubuntu and I need to reinstall original system operative (

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