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X1000 4K Firmware V1.0.8 Upgrade
Dear All,

Now you can get OTA from V1.0.6 to V1.0.8 on X1000 4K.
Go to "Setting" >> "Update" . After OTA upgrade, please go to Settings->Setup->Other->Advanced->Backup & reset,do factory data reset to finish system upgrade.
Warn warning:All the your data will be erased after factory data reset.

And here is link of  X1000 4K Firmware for USB Upgrade_V1.0.8

USB upgrade tips:
>> Copy the intall.img to the root of a FAT32 USB stick,  insert the USB stick to X1000 4K's USB3.0 host port. (NTFS USB stick is not allow to upgrade)
>> Press power button on X1000 4K and connect the power supply to X1000 4K, hold on the power button for about 5 seconds until you see the led of your USB Key flashing and the progressing icon on the TV screen which means the upgrade just started. Normally it takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete the upgrade.
Best Regards
MeLE Service Team
Eric, where changelog?

the firmware wasn't install. "Install error. Please reboot"
Hey, every body!!! Where normal 1.0.8 firmware??? This not install
Please I can help my X10004K, wanting to move the applications to the SD card, the file was modified vold.fstab. External storage is lost 3GB and does not recognize the SD card. Thanks for the support Idea

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