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BIOS settings for Linux install via USB
Which BIOS settings should I change to allow for installing Linux via USB? I'm looking to boot clonezilla Live via USB to clone a Win10 ISO from the SSD and then proceed with trying out different Linux distros, such as pfsense, IPFire and Lubuntu on my PCG03 Apo.

I have tried changing the secure boot options, but without success. The pre-sales Mele support team confirmed that booting Linux was possible on the PCG03 Apo and stated that business customers had a requirement for this. I'm lookin got dupicate their success of installing Linux onto the box, but it seems a tutorial for booting successfully from a bootable Linux USB drive needs specific settings in place. Please advice on the necessary settings to boot from USB. Thanks!
As for how to intall Ubuntu 16.04, we have sent it to your email (the one you used to register in this forum). You can also download it from this link on Mega: Intel Mini PC FAQ

As our customer's successful case, our customer only install Ubuntu 16.04 and all technical issue on this case solved by himself. MeLE only provide the hardware with genuine Windows 10 Home.
Best Regards
MeLE Service Team

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